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Being Heavyweight Champion of the world and a successful author leads George Foreman to having many motivational quotes. Read some of our favourites here on George's 70th birthday! 
“To be successful in life, you must get in the habit of turning negatives into positives.” 
-A very positive quote written by George in his book: The Knockout Entrepreneur. 
"In boxing, I had a lot of fear. Fear was good. But, for the first time, in the bout with Muhammad Ali, I didn't have any fear. I thought, 'This is easy. This is what I've been waiting for'. No fear at all. No nervousness. And I lost.” 
-I personally like this quote because it teaches people that fear is a perfectly natural thing. If you want to achieve in sporting or elsewhere you will be afraid from time to time, but to shake this off thinking that you shouldn't be feeling these things is naive. 
"Many people fail not so much because of their mistakes; they fail because they are afraid to try." 
-This quote shows how failure in life only comes to those who aren't ambitious enough to give things their all leading them to make little of their lives. 
"Without appreciation and respect for other people, true leadership becomes ineffective, if not impossible." 
-This quote teaches respect, it shows that arrogance leads people to not reach their full potential as they don't look to others and see the great things they have accomplished implement their philosophy into their lives which creates a more well-rounded person. 
“A hero is someone right who doesn't change.” 
-Finally, this quote puts into perspective what makes a truly good person. George is a strong Christian and preaches lots about doing the right thing and what makes a good hero, I feel this is the best summary he's given on the subject. 
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