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A moment that shows how much concentration Formula 1 racing drivers give in their final moments, and a moment in F1 history where Kimi Räikkönen gets to make a long lasting impact with his memorable quote to his racing team in the final moments of the race. 

To The "Finnish" Line 

As Finnish racing driver Kimi Räikkönen aka "Iceman" was fast approaching the finish line of the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with Fernando Alonso hot on his tail who desperately wanted to close the gap to the championship leader Sebastian Vettel. He recieved a notification on his team radio. 
"Ok Kimi, next car behind you is Alonso. Alonso's 5 seconds behind you. I'll give you data on the gap, i'll give you data on the pace." 
Kimi was clearly in a moment of extreme concentration and was focused on nothing but himself, the competition, how he was driving and more importantly winning. 
And so its no surprise when an answer as memorable and so universal as what followed was spoken by Kimi himself. 
"Just leave me alone, i know what im doing." 
The engineer on the radio thought nothing more of this regard and felt like it was important to inform Kimi on how he should be driving, when Kimi with all his knowledge and expertese also know how he should be driving. 
So we heard on the radio yet again. 
"Ok Kimi you need to keep working all 4 tyres please, keep working all 4 tyr..." 
He was cut of by a rather sharp response from Kimi as it was quite evident Kimi was in a key moment of concentration. 
"Yes yes yes yes im doing it all the time, you dont have to remind me every 10 seconds." 
The engineer took the hint this time and just replied abruptly with. 
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